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Creating Elite Traders Since 2013.

Become a consistently profitable trader with the industry’s top training program. Watch an exclusive trading webinar below and learn about The Landshark Method.

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About Us

Landshark Capital was founded in 2013 and has been creating professional traders since then. Learn how we teach you to trade, think and execute like professional proprietary trader.


Futures Blog with Recaps

Get access to a daily market recap for ES & SPY trading with charts and notes for the following day. Sent out each evening via Substack.


The Beginner Course

Begin learning about the futures markets, how price action works, why we use multiple time frame analysis and more with this 20+ lesson training. This will build a foundation for you to understand how Professional Traders look at the markets contextually while also teaching you critical psychological trading lessons.

The Landshark method – since 2013

The Main Course

The Premier Futures Trading education program since 2013. Learn how to trade the S&P500 through a year long membership where you’ll access on-demand lessons, weekly training webinars and a private community of seasoned traders.

  • 7 + hours of on demand lessons
  • 3+ hours of live class recordings
  • 6 months of futures membership included
  • 12 months of weekly live market webinars
  • Community for Main Course members

The Landshark Main Course

On-Demand Course

The Landshark Main course includes over 10+ hours of in-depth lectures on trading The Landshark Method. With both live market recordings and lectures you can easily navigate and learn.


Weekly Live Webinars

No one trading week is the same. Each Thursday we host a live market webinar for Q&A, live market analysis and open-mic discussions so you can engage in meaningful discussion to really learn.


Private Chat Rooms

Part of your education is your discussion with coaches and other senior traders in the chat room. Work together as a community to build & develop your skills while you continuously learn.

Hear From Students

Stories from over 10+ years of training, educating and building a community of traders globally

Dan is the real deal and has a way of explaining things that made it all make sense. When you learn how to see the price zones they teach it begins to make sense. But then they teach you how to analyze the market so you can use the right target and risk which made a big difference in how I see my risk in trades.

Ryan S.

San Diego, USA

Landshark offers you a way of trading that actually makes sense. Their approach to the teaching makes you want to know more, want to understand how it all works and that is important. They don’t have a million indicators, tell you to trade all day or make you pay for extra courses. These guys are the real deal!

Corey B.

Philadelphia, USA

The Landshark Method is tried and tested. It’s a no frills education training system that will make you money if you stick to it and listen to what they say. You won’t get any stories of exotic cars, special indicators or any of that – you will get real information that will help you start or continue to become a better trader.

Dean H.

Vancouver, BC

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