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Small Account Options

Learn to trade the markets with a small account in this education packed course. Perfect for beginner traders or those with small accounts. See real P&Ls, live trading and much more as you learn on-demand.

Landshark Pro Membership

Get access to stocks, options, futures and crypto ideas in the Landshark Pro Alerts membership. Includes annotated charts, idea generation and weekly video content to learn and discover new emerging trade ideas.

Mastermind Group

An active investing community filled with SERIOUS members who have at least $50k to invest. Get access to weekly coaching calls, market reports, interviews, research reports and so much more. Click to learn more.

Futures Trading Course

Want to learn to become a funded futures trader? This is the course. Whether you are new to futures trading or have tried with no success this course is packed with real P&Ls and on-demand education to teach you how.

Who We Are

Offering you top-tier trader training in equities, futures and options.

Landshark Capital has a long history of providing comprehensive trader training. From developing beginner traders to those with experience, it’s our ability to break down complex financial topics that make the difference. 

Our training was developed by former proprietary traders, with real-market experience so you know you’ll be learning things that matter and not something that you can find in a book or that has been regurgitated. 

Trade With A Small Account

Trading with a small account can be tough. In the S.A.T Course, we discuss how to use select options strategies to navigate the markets. You’ll learn from proven strategies in bite-sized video lessons that you can pair with our chat room community. 

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Lanshark Mastermind


The Mastermind is a selective group of traders & investors who are looking to take their trading & investing to the next level. The small, but growing, community is filled with members from all walks of life who are highly committed and aggressively pursuing better results on a consistent basis. A $50k minimum investment account is required to ensure we only work with the most committed and keep the Mastermind filled with like-minded persons.

Joing an Active Investing Community

Monday Morning Zoom Calls

45 Weekly Mentoring Calls

Guest Interviews & Lectures

Private Chat Community


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