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Creating Elite Traders Since 2013

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Highly reccommended. I started trading with the goal to increase my knowledge of the financial markets and to help manage my money in retirement. I watched a lot of YouTube videos, read trading books and at that point realized I needed help. I travel a lot for a living so being able to use the videos and chat rooms whenever I had time was great. Dan is a great teach and the entire community is supporting and filled with great people.

Nikela Mehula, USA

Anyone who reads this should listen to what Dan says in his training and you are going to find the success you want. I do not believe in holy grail trading methods but this is as close to one as it gets because of how simple it is when you actually learn it the right way. Dan has a way of taking complex things and making them make sense and for the longest time I struggled with other courses and mentors because of that. The training is as deep of knowledge that I have found and not something I had read about in books or in videos online and it’s made a big difference. Thre is no way I could have attained the results I’ve had without Dan and this community.

Jaden Moore, Australia

I’ve been to dozens of webinars, live trading rooms and countless chat rooms over the years. These guys are legit and they really know their stuff. There is nothing that Dan and this group are unwilling to share or talk about and that includes losses and how to work through all of that – and I will say this. I have never learned a more patient method of trading in my life and when you do take losses you end up knowing really quickly if you are right or wrong which keeps them small in comparison to what I’ve done before. I would not hesistate to give my full reccomendation to anyone learning to do this from Landshark.

Andy B, USA