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My name is Daniel Bustamante and I have been involved in the markets since age 20 when I began working at Charles Schwab. At the age of 24 I became a professional futures trader and have been active in the markets ever since.

I have been in the markets for over 15 years. Over that time I have traded for a family office, worked on for a broker/dealer and at 29 became a Portfolio Manager at a long-short hedge fund.  I managed a few million there in equities and futures markets before moving on to trade my own money.

Outside of teaching people how to trade I work as a boutique investment banker helping companies raise money and develop their corporate strategy. 

As a result of my teachings, I have had verified student success with some making over 7 figures in a year. Others, I have helped to learn to make this a part-time business. Whatever your goals are I am sure myself and the team here can bring you the tools and results you need.

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A Landshark Capital Futures Trading Membership lets you participate with a group of traders who are watching the same markets trading consistent strategies. We focus on price action trading through index futures and crude oil. You can access the membership with a 14-day trial below!


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Online courses and memberships that fit you and your goals. 

Small Account Options

Learn to trade the markets with a small account in this education packed course. Perfect for beginner traders or those with small accounts. See real P&Ls, live trading and much more as you learn on-demand.

Futures Trading Course

Want to learn to become a funded futures trader? This is the course. Whether you are new to futures trading or have tried with no success this course is packed with real P&Ls and on-demand education to teach you how.

Active Trader Membership

Are you an active trader or want to become one? This membership covers futures, options, stocks and much more with weekly morning calls and market reports delivered direct to you.

Masterclass Training

Small group training for those with larger investment accounts. This year long training program is an in depth learning journey to managing a portfolio with strategies tailored to you and your personal goals.

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What We Teach Here

Options Trading

Options are a popular trading tool for many today. We focus on teaching directional options for beginners and you can find content on our YouTube.

Futures Trading

Futures trading is a select tool for many professional traders. We teach futures trading for beginner and intermediate traders.

Price Action

Price action rules the markets. We focus on teaching how to apply price action strategy across various asset classes.

Portfolio Management

For those trading with 6-figure plus accounts we teach portfolio management in our Masterclass.

Risk Management

Every trader is different and so is their risk. We discuss concepts to tailor risk to you as an individual. A big topic of discussion is defining risk on each trade.

Market Mechanics

Not widely discussed but market mechanics are a skillset many overlook. We teach this in-depth within our community.


I've been trading with Dan as a mentor for five years. In those five years I have gone from this being a hobby to something I am active at on a daily basis. The community of other traders and how they work makes this a unique group.
Core B.
Learning to trade derivatives may seem intimidating, but Dan has a unique way of breaking things down. His approach is straight-forward and the insights I learn are invaluable. The community is a massive benefit as well because of the idea sharing and information flow
Zach S.
This is the real deal. I met Dan over four years ago and have been here since. You will not find a harder working trader or coach that will push you to excel than him. What he has done for my trading is priceless and not to mention the networking within the group is amazing.I suggest that anyone that takes any of the education to really listen to what he says because it works and if you do you're going to be satisfied.
Justin B.

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