Dan provides you with a proven framework of how to approach the markets that allows you to tailor it to your own personality. I have seen considerable growth in my trading, and constantly am learning new things from watching him and the overall community operates as well.

Brad DeYoung

I've traded for about two years. Nothing bad, but nothing great as far as results, but I wanted to just see what I could do. The one thing that the training of the future helped with was to slow it down and to learn to find bigger trades. The strategy is great but the mental concepts and how to manage the market from as they say "30,000 feet" really was the big game changer for me.

Kyle B - Toronto, BC

This is the best training I have ever done. Being around these guys makes me a better trader because of how they push you work and get better. I've been up until midnight chatting in the room with other members working on strategy ideas. I am glad I found them, no complaints here.

Scott - Phoenix, AZ

I worked with Dan on mentoring privately and it was a great experience. I work in money management and was referred to him by a friend so there was already confidence going in but to learn and see what he teaches was another thing. First, the way you will learn to look at the market is a big change and it helps. What I personally like is how to learn to find an idea but then how to structure that idea using creative tactics which makes a big difference. The one thing I would say about the training is that he knows how to have it make sense in a unique way. I am not sure what it is exactly but the way that he taught me made things start to click and I am excited to keep learning.

Alex P. - London

This is the real deal. Like the rest of the testimonials that you will read it is no-fluff, to the point training. I've taken a few courses and read some books but listening to Dan discuss topics points out things that I would never other-wise consider and it helped me as a trader. If you want to be around real traders then this is where you need to be.

Brad R. - Vancouver, BC

I started trading with Dan in 2015 really now knowing much of anything. It took a few years because I run a large company, but I can tell you that if you have the time he is who you want to learn with. I like futures for the fast moves and that helps, but he showed me to trade options as well. Either way the training you get will be as good as it gets.

Darren S. - Paradise Valley, AZ

I met Dan in 2014 and took his original course plus some side coaching he did with me. I will tell you that what I have seen in the training is much more than we had in 2014. I learned to trade the Russell 200 and E-Mini with him and it makes real results! We have been friends since and I can tell you that his support on questions is always available to help when I need it.

Ben W. - Germany

I have traded and learned with Dan inside of a year and the results are amazing. I would share the actual P&L but I guess for reviews and legal I am not able to (But Dan, I want too!) - Great coach and great guy with a no nonsense approach. I am a doctor and I have spent years doing this on the side as a hobby of mine, but this year was something that turned it into a real business. If you are like me and want to be told what to do and how to do it without the fluff then learn with him.

Jon M., New York