The Power of Price Action & The Landshark Method

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What Members are Saying


No. You can use any futures broker or charting software. We teach on Think or Swim and Ninja Trader within this training so if you want to use those then you can but it is not required.

This particular training is NOT for scalping, it teaches discretionary trading. We suggest that as you begin you use 1-4 contracts on S&PES futures targeting 3-8 points per trade. The method focuses on trading less while waiting for larger dollar moves from key inflection zones.

Yes. The style and concepts we teach is NOT hyper-active trading style that requires you to be glued to the screen. You will be able to learn what days are ‘worth trading’ and what days to skip because it will be a balanced/chop day.

Also, most trades we take are done from 9 pm-11:30 am EST and 2:30 pm-4 pm EST so you can be in and out with one high-quality trade a day.

Please watch the webinar above to learn more about this.

Yes. The on-demand only has 12 months of access. We do this because you need to learn the nuances we teach within the chat room and Weekly Training Webinars. But if you want access to the on-demand for more than 1 year there is an additional fee of $1,000 for lifetime access.

Yes. If you are already profitable and have at least $30,000 to trade with their is 1-on-1 training via zoom.

There are two time blocks:

5 Hours: $2,500

10 Hours: $4,000

All training is done via zoom, please contact us to learn about this.