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Landshark Method


Learning to day trade futures can be a long and exhausting journey for those who are brave enough to attempt it. From trying to find the “right” trading method to learning how to control your emotions and even learning how to do it consistently. It can become overwhelming for anyone. Then you add in the pressure of trying to know who to learn from and what trading style is “the best” but we’re going to make this all simple for you if you take the time to watch these two videos below. 

The Webinar you are about to watch is a 1-hour webinar on The Landshark Method – it is a price action framework that combines: 

  • Contextual Analysis
  • Contract Strategy
  • Account Management Principles 
  • And a 90 Day Training Method we’ve been using for 2013 to help traders globally

There is also an additional 30-minute video training with Trader Jimmy that you can learn from. 

Learn From Our Videos

Look, if you’ve watched our YouTube channel for any amount of time you know that we don’t beat around the bush. We’ll show you what this takes, how to do it, and keep it as real as possible so you can make an informed decision on whether or not this is for you.

The Landshark Method was designed specifically for developing traders who are trading with less than $20,000. It was designed by a former Wall Street futures trader and portfolio manager so you are going to learn core principles that were taught on trading desks – not some made-up system taught by a guy who was drop shipping fidget spinners 8 months ago on Shopify!

5 Reasons why people choose The Landshark Method

The Landshark Method is NOT just a trading course you watch and then begin trading with. We use a 90-day training guideline to teach you how to use market structure, price-action and context to trade.

Our extensive 50+ video on-demand trading course, weekly Q&A webinars and chat room will guide you to learning how to do this once and for all.

50 + Video Course

Weekly Q&A Webinar

Members Chat

1. We teach you how to understand the markets work by learning price action

You will learn price action, intimately, so that you can begin to analyze the market through developing price zones and areas of “inflection”. No more software or magical indicators to buy: you’re going to learn how the market works.

2. Train Like a Proprietary Trader

The Landshark Method is NOT just a trading course – we are replicating, to the best way, of training like one would on a prop desk. You learn through video lectures, weekly Q&A webinars during live market and a private community.

3. Designed for Developing & Beginner Traders

The Landshark Method is NOT for advanced traders, it mainly focuses on developing and beginner traders that are looking for consistency and who are using less than $20,000. For the traders with experience we offer Advanced Training.

4. A customizable method to fit you

If learning to day trade futures is something you have struggled with it might be that you just were trying to replicate someone who had more experience or more money than you to trade with. Every trader is different. The Method allows you to customize this all to fit you.

We know it sounds counter-intuitive, but there is no ‘trading system’ that fits everyone. We’ll teach you how to read the market and suggest that you start to learn our zones/concepts using 1-4 S&P500 contracts at a time. We’ll suggest as you start to target 4-8 points. But as you learn, build confidence and become consistent we encourage you to adjust things to fit YOUR personality.


5. A community of real traders NOT marketers

This is a 10+ year community of real traders, some ex-bank prop traders as well as those who have been around since the start. What you get in this community is a place where people are trading the same style, not a place where people are testing and still searching for that “golden strategy”. This means you’ll be able to learn quickly with the help of others should you choose to engage in discussions and ask for help.And that is exactly what we’ve replicated here because that’s how the founder of The Landshark Method learned when he was on his first Wall Street desk. This is a big secret to our success over the last 10+ years in training traders around the world & the strategy of price-action trading works too.

Our Strategy

Strategy Intro

Basic Contract Strategy

Advanced Strategy

Strategy One

Strategy Two

Strategy Three

Strategy Four

Whiteboard Lessons

Advanced Strategy

Ranges and Entries

Ranges Introduction

Basics of Trading Ranges

Ranges Lectures

When to Buy

Whiteboard Entry lessons

Entries Recapped

Retail traders are already behind the curve when it comes to trading. They’re up against the brightest minds in the world and the problem is they’re taught to think that they can take them on using indicators or by simply following a trading pattern. The Landshark Method teaches traders how to think, operate and trade as if they were trained on a Wall Street trading desk.

Dan Bustamante, Founder, The Landshark Method