Portfolio Management


Before you read this post let me lay out a few guidelines of what this is intended for and not for – because all things in trading SIMPLY DO NOT APPLY universally. 

This is portfolio management. By that I mean you are managing a portfolio of at least +$50,000 USD so that you have: 

  • Multiple positions on 
  • Use various strategies 
  • Are expecting to model 30%-50% a year on that portfolio. 

What this NOT for is for those who: 

  • Are day-trading only
  • Using less than $15,000 
  • Those who are trying to make a lot of money as fast as they can. 

So, don’t read this and then try to incororate it if those things above are not you. If you are trading $15,000 or less and building wealth or trading for income, then this is going to do nothing to help that. This is, like I stated above, for those who are using more than $50,000 + which and if that’s you this is just one approach, it’s not the only approach – but I will tell you this: this is an approach used by Professional Traders.