The Masterclass

There is no right or wrong path to take when learning to trade & invest in the markets. Our life’s experiences, careers and self-taught education can lead many to a level of performance that is comfortable for them. However, for others on a path where they want to truly enhance their performance and who are searching for more than just being ‘comfortable’ the PMP is an institutional level learning program.

Most think that trading & investing is simply chart’s, however, for those who know, it is much more. It really comes down into learning how to manage a portfolio in ways where an institutional manager would, but, tailored to fit you the client personally. This is a 8-month commitment that will take you on a transformation of how you perceive markets, but also bring you to a place to where your confidence in your skills grows so that you can rely on your own trading & investing decisions. 


The Mission of the Masterclass

When I began teaching years ago, my students came from all types of backgrounds: Some with million dollar plus accounts some with five-thousand. From truck-drivers to doctors to pilots and even other money managers. What I found in those years is that because of my own personal experience in the markets trading across multiple asset classes, managing large-sums of money and looking at the market through an ‘institutional’ lens, was that each and every trader was different. There was no ‘one-size fits all’ method, especially for those who had six-figure plus investment accounts. 

What I also discovered is that it was those who were managing their retirements, windfalls or larger sums of capital required a more tailored approach because they expected extraordinary results. These results cannot be, based on my experience, derived from a weekend training course, video lessons or a week long retreat. My personal career and the skill-set I developed was working on actual trading desks, working with true Professionals and managing larger sums of capital. Not from newsletters, trading forums or some one-off trading course. 

Now most of us want a shortcut to what I just mentioned above. In fact, in my earlier years of education I did cater to this by having a newsletter/alerts product of sorts. It did work, for some, to some extent, but it was more masking tape on top of a bigger problem. At the end of the day, newsletters and the like make the Company money, but it never leads the client to a path where they can truly learn to do this on their own accord with the confidence and understanding they so badly require. 

I’m saying all of this because I am at the point in my career & life where if I am going to spend significant time training others, I only want to do it with those who are as committed as I was when I was twenty working at Charles Schwab while carrying a full course load at University. There is not an easy path to this and you have to decide if this is something you want to ‘mess around’ with or something that you extremely serious about. 

There is no easy way to do this and it will require significant capital and time on your end but the results will be worth it. You will learn to view the markets from a Portfolio Manager perspective while having the ability to trade across multiple asset classes while being able to construct a system and risk model that is personal to you. 


The Training

This program is designed to be so much more than just technical and charts. In fact, we won’t even begin to discuss those 2 months in the actual program. The core focus is really teaching you how to think like a Portfolio Manager. What I mean when I say this is learning to understand that the bigger players run the capital markets and if you can not only understand how they think, but learn to manage a portfolio in a similar manner that your edge & confidence will come. 

Most traders are not aware of how any of it works at that level, and even worse, information about how it does is almost always false or a shade of truth. Now I am not saying you are going to trade or invest like them, that is not the goal with this program. What I am saying is that if you can learn to develop the skill-sets on understanding macro-fundamentals, technical concepts, risk management, we can then take all of that and mold it into a system that works specifically for you. 

This is another major key in this program. We will go through a series of discussions to which we will discuss and discover what it is you want from the markets and what you are comfortable with. When we do that we can begin to develop a risk-model that is based off those discussions, your capital and your goals. Understanding this portion (risk-model) is a pivotal portion in the program because it is in that fear of losing money where most develop other issues that hinder their performance. Simply put learning to quantify your own risk model allows us to do the following for you in this program: 


1. How to Manage Position Size. It could be that trading 1 lot ITM calls 90 days out is where your risk model works. It could also be trading LEAPs that cost $15,000 a piece. But understanding this allows us to mold the system directly to you. 

2. Control your Emotions. There is no chance that stress and successful trading go well. If you cannot control this then charts, fundamentals and signals do not matter. 

3. Understand How to Structure Your Portfolio. It could be that you are going to be someone that wants to be 70% invested and 30% cash. It could also be that you are someone that wants to only use long-term trades. Regardless, we will work to discover that during the next year. 

4. Show us What Asset Classes to Trade. It could be that you only trade stocks & ETF’s. It could also be that you trade stocks, ETF’s LEAP’s and futures. This all depends on who you are personally. So when we get past the first module we’ll have a good idea of where to focus our time so that you can excel in asset(s) that fit your personality.

What we don’t do in this program is bombard you with learning everything all at once. This is an 8-month marathon where we’re going to methodically go through an educational transformation. As such, you need to be committed to undertaking 8-months of learning while being patient and trusting the process. If this is something where you want it now, then sadly, you are still not at the level of realization as to what it takes to perform at an elite level. 


Four Modules

The program is comprised of four modules of education three months at a time. Each module covers different topics and focal points in the education with the final quarter being a culmination of the prior lessons to prepare you for graduation.  

The first two months are dedicated creating what we call your ‘perspective change’ of the markets. This means we’re going to start by teaching you how to treat this like a business. To start that means helping you to develop your desired goals and to truly understand what it is you want from this. From there we’re gong to begin discussing how to look at markets from our version of a Macro Market Perspective (The MMP). 

The second phase of the program takes us into the technical strategies & market-timing portion. This is where we’re going to show you how to use a non-indicator based method for understanding how price action works. We must train you to see the charts in a specific manner, but worry not, no complex Elliot Wave or other ‘systems’ are in place here. We’re going to discuss how to look at multiple time frames and how to identify potential market inflection points.

In this module we’re going to explore fundamental market strategies, but not in terms of P/E, reading financial reports. We’re going to discuss special situations trading, stock selection strategies, the use of LEAPs and short-selling. This module really dives into key secrets to markets that are not discussed in trading books and this will lead to the perspective change that you are developing from module one. 

The final module is where we are going to discuss how to begin executing in the markets. Here we’re going to begin developing your trading model from what you have learned in the prior modules. Remember, this section is specific to you and your personal goals so you’ll spend a lot of time learning to identify how to put risk on and then how to manage that risk. We’ll cover market scenarios and begin going through how to assess those based on your model so you can begin to form your own investment thesis and execute on them with confidence.


Monthly Workshops

There is a monthly 3 day live online workshop that is 2-2.5 hours in length. Each online workshop covers specific topics for that particular module that generally require a more hands on approach. These are limited to 5 students per workshop


On-Demand Lectures

On-demand lectures. Each module has upwards of 5 lectures that you will watch that are on-demand viewing so you can complete on your own time. These lectures are supplemental concepts to the online workshops you attend each month.


1-on-1 Zoom Calls

Each month you will have a private 1.5 hour zoom call with Dan directly to discuss the training specific to you and your personal goals. These are breakout sessions where personal work is completed with your risk model and overall trading system.


Private Chat/Skype

Private chat or Skype access with Dan directly so you can get help, feedback and discuss topics in the training as needed. 


Yes, of course, but please understand that we require a minimum $100,000 to trade/invest with. What we teach in the program combined with the cost is not something for beginners and you’re better off learning basics or even enrolling in AT Group mentoring first. 

This is a serious time and capital commitment and since there is only one instructor we are selective with applications.

First, the program cost is substantial so you need it to make sense. Second, the strategies we cover in the program require that you have the capital to actually apply them. 

The last thing we want you to do is to enroll in the program and it not make financial sense. 

Life happens, but these are scheduled months in advance so you can plan. If for any reason you miss one due to outside events, we have two remedies. 

One, they are recorded for you to watch. 

Second, because the class size is a max of 3 persons we can sometimes adjust the dates to fit everyone’s schedule.


If a life event occurs and you have to postpone learning, we will honor that and freeze the membership, but no refund will be made for time spent. 


Our goal is to have you begin application in month 9-12. Yes, this is a ways away but you should understand, if you are serious about transforming your skills to a new level, that this takes time. 

We realize that everyone wants to make money and if you are in a situation where you have to make money now this program is not for you. If you stick with the learning process and put in the required screen time the results will begin to show in month 9-12. Your confidence will increase and your fear of mistakes and the market will have subsided because you now understand the how & why behind things and have relentlessly worked on your personal risk model.


The 1-on-1 calls are scheduled a month in advance to fit everyone’s schedule. These calls are an important time to work directly with Dan on topics in the current module you are in. 

This, along with how to access the course materials, chat/Skype and books is all explained in your onboarding. 

You will continue to learn and then apply your model in the markets. You retain access to: 

  • Private Chat/Skype
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Call
  • Recordings 

This is all included for an additional 4-months with no charge. If you feel you need more time to access them you can do so for $300/month thereafter. 

As you should. If you have more questions about the application process or the program in general let’s start with an email.

From there we can move to a zoom meeting if required.