Leverage The Power of Options Trading

The rise in stock options trading the last few years has been phenomenal becoming one of the most popular asset classes in the world to trade by many retail traders.

In 2016 Landshark Capital began teaching traders the power of stock options trading and for many it became a very valuable tool for their investment portfolios.

But the recent rise in options trading by retail traders has led to many mistakes because of not understanding how they really work. We see the amazing gains of 500% winners but then there are the stories of blown trading accounts.

While we never focused on obscure trading strategies in the past like premium selling, iron-condors or butterflies we did focus on curbing our max loss.

We called that the Landshark Options Trading Method.

This has been originally designed in 2016 but re-modeled in 2022 due to the amount of activity from retail options traders. We’ve refined the strategies we teach, the risk required and principles around them.

We’ve added advanced strategies that are applicable to todays markets in a concise and digestible training library

What Methods do We Teach?

  • Index ETF Momentum Trading
  • Volatility Trading in US Stocks
  • Premium Selling Through Spreads
  • Swing Trading Equity Options
  • LEAPs Trading for Long Term Ideas

This is a new era of Wall Street and what worked in 2015 does not work today. In fact, what worked in 2020 is not working today. We’re going to show break-down the history of The Landshark Options Trading Method then show you the New Era Version. You’ll learn the intricate details that require you to be armed with a playbook of various strategies to tackle todays markets.


5 Strategies, One Course.

In this training we cover 5 strategies that will help to develop your personal trading playbook. From understanding when and how to trade the Index ETFs for momentum plays to understanding when and why to be a premium seller in the markets we cover it all. This allows you to choose from an arsenal of strategies based on the market environment which will allow you to deploy your capital efficiently and effectively. For the longer-term traders we discuss Swing Trading via equity options as well as get into an in-depth training on the power of LEAPs options for longer-term investment ideas.


How Does It Work?

The Lanshark Options Training Vault gives you unlimited access to over 15+ hour of on-demand education that include bite-sized training lessons, webinar and live market training. The Vault is self-paced and designed for you to choose what you want to learn when you want to learn it. This is not a beginner training and understanding the basics of how options work is required. You also receive access to a private options trading chat room with other members so that you can ask questions and get help when needed. 

Learn About The Landshark Options Method

This is a short webinar where you can learn more about the history of The Landshark Options Method as well as the new and revised Method that we deploy today. We’ll explain the strategies we believe in deploying, their use and what’s required as far as account size and experience to use them as an investor.