Dan is a Professional Trader with a +15 year Career that started at Charles Schwab at the age of twenty.

Dan is the founder of Bustamante & Co., a private investment firm based in San Juan, Puerto Rico that trades and invests in both private and public assets globally – the Company also owns Landshark Capital which was founded in 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Dan began trading at university at the age of eighteen after reading Margin of Safety by Seth Klarmann as well as Market Wizards which was a gift provided by a mentor. By the age of twenty he took a position with Charles Schwab & Co. while still in university, working at the firm and attending classes full time. At the age of twenty-three he became a Prop Trader trading Dax, S&P500 and Crude oil for a boutique firm led by former CME traders. After a brief stint with a notable family office in LA as an equity analyst he took a role with MB Trading as head of Asian FX Derivatives. His final Wall Street role was as a Portfolio Manager for a long/short hedge fund running US equity strategy for the firm while also heading equity research for the attached wealth-management firm. At the age of 30 he left Wall Street to setup his own investment firm which created Landshark Capital among other investments as listed below. 

Schwab Years
LA Years

In 2013, after working closely with a small group of Retail traders and hearing the stories of what they were sold by so called Professionals he knew there was a better solution. And that was the start of Landshark in which the first training, Bullshark Futures, was created. It taught Retail traders to properly analyze the markets using a top-down approach and a 52-page hard copy manual was sent globally along with on-demand lectures and a small Skype group. The training expanded into options and portfolio management after he left the hedge fund business to commit to Landshark full-time in 2015.

The Company later turned into Landshark Education, expanded into Vancouver, BC and was sold in 2018.

After taking a few years off to work on private investments, consulting and acting as interim CEO of Jack Grace USA he returned to train part-time at the old firm which underwent a name change and new management. Not satisfied with the new corporate “red tape” and generic approach to training he left and in 2021 Landshark Capital was brought back. 

Dan now lives part time in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Phoenix, Arizona. He spends his days researching new investments, trading and mentoring Retail traders globally carrying the original purpose that the company began with back in 2013. 

Notable Investments (Public & Private)

2020-2021 – Jack Grace USA  turnaround (Private)

2021 – Becky Personality Juice Series A (Private) 

Carvana Short 2022 – Research calling for the stock drop considerably before YouTube charlatans took the idea and pawned if off as their own

2023 – US Home Builders Short in Summer 2023 

Dan Bustamante - Silly Covid Masks at Jack Grace

Successful turnaround (during and post-bankruptcy) of Jack Grace USA acting as partner and interim CEO during the height of Covid. Worked with re-establishing the corporate structure and vendor partnerships during the pandemic to bring the Company back to full operations at the 5,000sq ft. Tempe, Arizona warehouse before exiting in 2022. 

Using the same top-down analysis that is taught in Foundations of Professional Trading Dan and his analyst spotted Carvana in later 2021. It wasn’t until February 2022 when the stock was at $150 that they decided to take on a sizeable, short position for his fund. After many financial journalists simple failed to publish this warning, a public video was released in April of 2022 (see above). Later that year journalists from other publications finally reached out but it was too late, and the stock was sub $10. 

Notable Media


Sea to Sky Rally with Landshark Students
Dan Bustamante teaching in Vancouver
Dan Bustamante at Carnegie Club NYC - Trader Meetup
fund office
Dan Bustamante Hedge Fund Office - Phoenix 2014
Dan Speaking at a Money Radio Conference
Dan Bustamante Speaking at Investment Conference
Dan Bustamante Charity Pro Am with Jeff Dye at Mountain Shadows
Dan Bustamante Post LA Trader Meetup, Waldorf Astoria
Dan Bustamante Annual Summer Kauai Trip
Dan Bustamante & Pilot Matt - San Juan to Miami
puerto rico
Dan Bustamante, Rincon Puerto Rico
Los Angeles - Meeting with Charlotte McKinney for Jack Grace USA
Dan Bustamante with Former Intern and Current Equities Analyst for LongVol Report
Haloween  2023
Annual Halloween Party
Dan Bustamante Trading Remote in Barcelona, Spain
Dan Bustamante Spanish Grand Prix F1 Race
Lake tahoe
Dan Bustamante - Lake Tahoe Summer Trip with Friends
fund office2
Dan Busamante Portfolio Manager -2015, Rally Tie On!
Dan Bustamante Cigars with Friends
Dan Bustamante - Post Mt. Humphreys Flagstaff, AZ Hike
Dan Bustamante - Vancouver Club, BC
Grand Prix
Dan Bustamante Scottsdale Grand Prix with Gas Money Gargage

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