Funded Futures Trader

Most day traders tend to struggle, especially with futures trading. Why? Because most are never taught how to trade or think like a proprietary trader. Instead, they are taught how to rely on indicators, rather than learning to understand the market framework and price action. 

The FFT is your training that will teach you, finally, how do day trade the futures markets the proper way. We’re going to show you how to view the market contextually so that you can have an understanding of what is ahead instead of trying to trade everyday while looking at 1 and 5 minute charts. 

Yes, this means we’re not going to show you how to scalp. You will learn to take a max of 3 trades per day. No more going after 2 and 3 point E-Mini trades using 10 contracts to make the difference. You will learn to stalk larger price dollar moves so that you trade less and trade in a state of control vs. a state of stress. You will learn how to focus on larger time frames so you can wait for a trade to set-up instead of chasing and making impulsive mistakes.

Whether you’re new or are currently struggling things are about to change for you with this training. 



The original course manual that was mailed out.