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The Foundations of Professional trading teaches retail investors how to a Professional Top-Down Systematic approach to long/short trading and portfolio management. The training is a +30 hour on-demand video lecture for Retail Traders who want to learn a systematic approach to long/short trading in the intraday up to the 20-day time window. 

This is an identical approach to what most portfolio managers or long/short hedge fund traders apply but toned down for day-trading to light swing-trading. You’ll learn to develop trad ideas across any sector while building a risk-adjusted active-trading portfolio so that you can profit long or short in any sector or market environment.

If you are someone that does not have a clear process for analyzing, structuring and executing ideas or are someone that wants to learn to operate as if you were running your own long/short hedge fund then this training is for you!

Active Trading Frameworks

You will learn a top-down analysis method and 4 Landshark Playbook strategies. Many make a living on just a few of these concepts. By adding this top-down analysis method, you’ll be able to develop you own ideas intraday all the way up to a 20-day window. This is an on-demand video lecture training with 6 modules totaling over 30 hours of lectures including PDF cheat sheets.

1. Professional Traders v. Retail Traders

The difference between how a trader at a long/short hedge fund thinks, operates and manages a portfolio is a complete 180 from retail day trading. We're going to show you how to think about money, risk, idea generation and how to apply absolute return trading.

2. Principles of Professional Trading

This is not just a 'trading course' with generic technical analysis. We're teaching you how to begin to do this and to do that we need to give you a guide on our principles so that you learn efficiently and effectively so that you can actually begin to really do this.

3. Foundations of Long/Short Trading

The Long/short trading approach is what most hedge funds use to drive risk-adjusted returns. So, instead of just day trading or betting on one stock to make money you'll learn the long/short framework and why it matters.

5. Thematic Idea Generation

We use our framework for thematic idea generation so you have an additional framework to generate long/short ideas. This is an approach that is widely used but tailored to the Active Trader 1-20 day trading window.

7. Trade Structure

Not all trades are created the same. How you choose to express the trade idea is entirely up to you, account and goals. We'll share our framework for structuring trades to maximize returns and efficiency of capital.

4. Macro/Fundamental Idea Generation

The Professional top-down approach means starting with a macro & fundamental overlay first to generate what sectors and stocks to begin looking at in the first place. If you know where to look you can generate long/short ideas.

6. Marketing Timing & Price Analysis

Once ideas are generated then comes the market-timing and price analysis approach. We use a proprietary top-down technical approach to help us with trade timing, entry and soft-target development.

8. Options Trading Mandate

This is no an options course but because it is an active trading framework we're going to discuss the mandate for plain-vanilla options structure for the 1-20 day time horizon for active trading.

9. Putting it All Together

In this module we'll go start to finish on the top down approach and discuss long and short idea generation fro start to finish. We'll include different fundamental drivers and walk through the technical overlay so you can see the process and cement it.

10. Playbook Trade: Opening Drives

This is a great trade for those day trading or who want to be done within the first hour of the trading day. Learn a straight-forward framework for spotting these ideas before market open so you can trade them within the first 15-60 minutes of each day.

11. Playbook Trade: Index ETF Flow

Index ETF flow trading is a very simple and repetitive trade. You'll learn the intraday and 1–5-day setups for this to capture the overall market flow on SPY, QQQ or IWM so you can have a go-to trade in your playbook that requires little research work.

12. Playbook Trade: Bullish Continuation

We build on the market-timing and price action analysis you learn here with a very simple bullish continuation trade. When a stock rallies, but you miss it, you can get back into it with this simple framework we teach.

13. Playbook Trade: Range Breakout/Down Trades

This is a very simple strategy that is plug and play meaning the framework you just learned plugs right in with a few technical inputs. This is great for a quick scalp or trending day moves for intraday or 1-5 day holds.

14. Price Action Trade Idea Generation

Some idea generation can be generated purely from technical/price action parameters that we call PTAs - you're going to learn this framework in-depth to develop price driven analysis ideas for long/short ideas.

15. A Framework for Trading Part-Time

If you are just wanting to do this part-time a few hours a week then we'll give you a framework using the Top-Down approach so you can make the idea generation and actual execution time efficient.

17. Trading Psychology - Learning to Stay Objective

Learning to stay objective when trading and managing a portfolio is paramount. Unfortunately, this topic is left with generic platitudes that offer no real-world application. We're going to share how to become objective in the process from start to finish.

19. Trading Psychology - How to Execute Confidenty

We actually do this and know what it takes to get different personalities to trade confidently and it's not ice-baths or meditation at 5am. We'll discuss framework and realties of what it takes to build confidence in executing.

16. Professional Level Trading Routine

There are many +6 figure Landshark Traders and if your goal is to become one, or do this full-time, then we'll share and discuss the what that takes and the (real) realities that requires to get to that level so you can gain perspective.

18. Risk Adjusted Returns

Risk adjusted returns are what matters if you want longevity in this business and if you want to manage your account. We dive into a deep dicussion on what that means, why we don't use generic R:R measurements and how to think about overall portfolio risk like a Professional.

20. Getting Organized & Starting

This is the final module where we'll get you organized and make sure you have access to the tools (DeltaOne) if you elect to use it, send you the link to the final exam and show you what steps next to take.

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What's Inside

Do NOT Join This Program If...

This program is not for those just looking for simple copy and paste trade setups or generic technical analysis with generic buy here and sell there rules! You are learning a Professional Framework that used by many hedge fund traders just broken down into a manner that is realistic for retail trading.

Building YOUR Playbook Not OURS

Think of this like buying a Porsche, no one Porsche is exactly the same. However, they’re all fast, great looking and come stock working like a fine tuned machine. However, each owner can customize their Porsche as they see fit using the foundation of build from the factory to do so. 

The Foundations of Professional Trading is like that.

You are getting a high quality, well-rounded education that works out of the box. However, (like a Porsche) you can customize it to your own liking – aka YOUR playbook. That means if you want to day trade with this, swing trade or buy and hold YOU CAN – it’s all about how you customize it. 

Most retail trading education lacks this because it focuses solely on technicals with an emphasis place on only momentum trading. 

So, when you don’t understand why sectors move or what drives prices you are at a disadvantage – it’s like getting a Porsche and not knowing how to use it fully. 

The Foundations of Professional Trading gives you a top-down, systematic approach that you can use on any asset class and we give you 4 playbook trades to use out of the gate. 

The rest you can customize as you see fit & but this is a hedge-fund level framework broken down so that anyone with common sense and the desire to learn can apply. 

Bonus: Breaking Down the +$1,000,000 Carvana Short from 2022

Walking through the idea generation process, analysis & research used as well as discussing the trade structure which was complex but insightful to help traders to gain perspective.

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The Foundations of Professional Trading program includes 6 modules with over +30 hours of video lectures. At the completion of the program a non-formal exam is sent with multiple choice and written answers for you to complete so that we can assess your understanding of the framework and provide necessary feedback and adjustments to you.