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Foundations of Professional Trading (FPT)

The Foundations of Professional Trading focuses on teaching a fully comprehensive Professional Trading approach for stock trading. This training is unlike any training on the market because it is taught from a true Professional trader and money manager where you learn a systematic approach called long/short portfolio management which is an approach used by Professionals and many long/short equity hedge funds. 

The entire thing aims to teach you what you have not learned from other generic trading education because you are getting the perspective of doing this as if you were running a portfolio as a hedge fund trader – as such, you should have the capital that allows you to do that meaning a minimum of $15,000. 

The approach means learning a top-down systematic approach that combines macro, fundamentals and technical to generate continuous trading ideas. Those trading ideas are then placed into the account using a long/short portfolio management framework combined with light day trading as needed with the goal of producing what are called risk-adjusted returns. 

The FPT is the perfect educational course for retail traders who:

  • Do not have a systematic process
  • Cannot generate long/short ideas across sectors/asset classes
  • Want to build a robust playbook to trade long/short across financial markets 
  • Want to combine light day trading with 1-20 day holds 
  • Learn the framework for Professional trading in long/short portfolio management
  • Want to do more than just hold 1 or 2 stocks but learn to generate active P&L 

If your definition of trading is “just making $200 a day”, learning 1 simple setup or trading “for just 15 minutes a day” then this will be too complex and will be of no benefit to you.

However, if you are someone who wants to learn to use a legitimate Professional Top-Down approach to trading cross-asset class while learning to manage an active portfolio to drive outsized returns then this is going to be a fit.   

You will also find value if you have taken education and have not been able to put it all together to find consistent results. Many past students at Landshark are ex Online Trading Academy who have spent years and tens of thousands trying to learn but have found success here. So, that is you, or similar, you will find that this is a massive benefit to helping you to actually build a playbook that fits YOU and YOUR goals. 

If you are a retail trader who has taken the typical day trading education that regurgitates basic technical analysis and generic risk management concepts the Professional top-down framework alone will provide you with the ability to really understand how financial markets work. It will allow you to generate ideas so that you know where to even begin looking v. having to scan for stocks or use news to impulsively buy and sell. 

If you are someone that does not know how to construct a portfolio outside of stock-picking with buy and hold, alerts or basic technical analysis then the long/short portfolio management framework will help to show you how to construct a portfolio of trades that are in the 1–20-day time horizon. 

In addition, the top-down framework that you learn will allow you to mold trade ideas to fit your playbook, account size and goals so that you are not dependent only on day trading a rule based set up or worry only about having to day trade to generate P&L.

Yes. You at a very minimum need to understand what candlesticks are and how to place orders. If you are still learning that and figuring out what path is “best” then you can attend our free webinars, or start with our beginner education over at RealPropTrading.com.

If you understand the basics, really want to learn and have basic common sense the education here will be of massive benefit. 

They are anywhere from 20-90 minutes in length each and are designed as if you were in a classroom lecture learning. Many of you may be used to generic Retail Trading education that are filled with 5-10 min “quick clips” that lack substance in order to make it “fast and easy” the FPT is no that

These are in-depth lectures so you can truly understand the framework and nuances that very few discuss. Some of the video lectures are accompanied by PDFs and external links for references to educational topics discussed. 

You will 100% be able to begin applying, at a minimum, 4 Playbook trading strategies: either day trading or swing trading. Further, you will genuinely come out of this training with an entirely new perspective about how to look at the markets whilst being able to develop trade ideas and understand why market moves occur.

So, you can and should be able to perform just fine by customizing what you learn in there to fit you with additional concepts or execution strategy. 

For example, we do not discuss value investing in the FPT but you can take the framework and apply it to a stock to run analysis on it. The framework will allow you to do so as long as you have your own checklist for determining what a value stock is. 

Another example. We do not discuss call/put spreads, diagonals or other options strategies, however, you can take the framework from the FTP and learn those to mesh them together should you want too. 

If you want to progress (and while it is not required) you may do so into The Mentorships to learn additional setups and execution strategies specific to the framework that you have just completed in the FPT.

This is focused on the US stock market.

This is important to understand this as a Retail Trader – having a Professional Trading Framework is what this is. That framework allows you to trade equity/stock or options across any sector you want – the choice is ultimately yours based on your personal goals, account and execution preferences. 

We discuss risk management and an Options Mandate within the training to provide you with a model for trading the shares and options as replacement. So, if you have never traded options the Options Mandate lecture will clearly lay out the two strategies, we use for share replacement so that you never have to guess what strikes or expirations again. This creates a systematic, repeatable framework which is part of the overall Professional Trading Framework. 

You can choose to add on the Professional Options Trading (POT) if you want to learn about applicable options strategy.

You may use any regulated broker or charting software available. The video lectures (when on the charts/case studies lectures) are taught on Think or Swim. You do not need to purchase any additional software or tools for this training as you are provided with all of the resources, lectures and PDFs that are required to operate this framework. 

The 30-day education option is to allow this to be as economically accessible as possible for those who want to learn but who may not yet have the capital to really pursue it fully just yet. You should be able to complete all of the video lectures within 30 days’ time and you will lose access after the 30-day period. 

This is defined as the day you access the first module, not as the day of purchase. 

When you log in and access the video lectures it will show a progress bar and we can see where you are in the 30-day time allotment. 

You can upgrade to the 12-month option and we will apply the fee you paid as a credit toward that as well. 

Once you complete the training there is a short exam (emailed in Google forms) for you to complete. There is a section for you to articulate the framework as well as a section for you to present 3 trade ideas that you either took or will consider taking. The exam and the sections are reviewed directly by Dan and you are provided with feedback and insights to tighten up and clarify any items so that you have a concrete understanding of the framework. 

From there, you can continue as a member in DeltaOne, trade on your own or get into a Mentoring program

Your account

After you purchase the training program you’ll receive an email instantly with log in details to your account. If you do not see this email please check your SPAM or or junk folder.

To access the training program, go to login and the dashboard is there for you. 

Here you will see all of your training materials and applicable downloads.

No. The videos are available only for online-viewing and we hold a strict copyright and distribution clause for recording the materials. 

The only downable materials are relevant PDF and training materials included within select trainings. 

There is a link that is sent to you once you enroll that gives you access to the community. If you cannot get in for whatever reason pleas email support@landsharkcapital.com  

The Zoom links to the morning meetings AND Thursday Trader Development sessions are only located in the chat room. 

There are specific rooms labeled with the links, you can find them there. If you cannot find them just ask while in chat and someone will direct you to them. 

You need to go to TheLongVolReport.com and select “Free” – do not select the paid version if you are in DeltaOne 90 or DeltaOne Yearly. 

Once you select free please email us and/or use the chat to give us which email you used. We need to then permission your access so you can see the paid version. 

These are sent nightly by 8pm EST. 

If you are in DeltaOne 90 or DeltaOne Yearly the report is posted each Sunday by 6pm EST in the chat community under the “reports/links” chat channel. You can download the report from there for the week ahead.

If you would like to update/change a payment method please email us support@landsharkcapital.com and we will send you a secure link to do so. We do not have the ability to manually change it on our end.

If you subscribed to the AST Alerts and Portfolio (or are a DeltaOne Yearly Member) then you will receive an email showing you how to do so. There is also a short-video explaining how to best use the alerts and expectations with them as a user. 

When you go to the Substack to subscribe you need to select “Free” and then we will permission the account to view the paid version.