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General FAQ

To make it easier for members of each to navigate. Once you find the product or tools you want to use then you can use that specific site.

We used to offer in person trading classes before 2018 in Scottsdale, Arizona & Vancouver, BC – however, due to covid times and the ease of technology we only offer online trading education now. 

This is a broad question, but this will help if you are unsure of what site to use. If any of these describe you then we consider that beginner: 

  • Not sure what limit v. market orders are
  • Unfamiliar with candlesticks and what they mean
  • Not sure what delta, vega or theta means in options
  • Less than $25,000 of capital 
  • Unaware of what margins are with S&P futures

If any of those match you then that is OK! But you should start on RealPropTrading.com to build a foundation first and we can help to do that!