If you have not already watched the 40-minute webinar please start there. We explain a lot of the questions asked, realities, history of who we are and dive into detail about The Landshark Method. If you still have questions at the end of all that please reach out to us

Beginners and traders in the development stage who require more than just a video course. We explain who this fits in depth, please watch this webinar here.

This is not for those who want instant results, a simple trading pattern or those who are not going to show up and put in the work. The Main Course has a 90-day training model which is the same model most junior traders or prop firms will use to get their hires up to speed. If you cannot commit to that please do not sign up. 

We use the ES futures to explain the strategies, principles and setups with. However, you can take the framework and apply it to any liquid futures markets. There are many traders that use it on WTI Crude, Russell 2000 and Nasdaq as well. 

This is not a scalping method. This teaches you to read price zones/areas and to target larger dollar/point trades. However, you can mold this to fit to whatever you want as you progress. Many within the community share ideas as they evolve which we encourage but the baseline framework we all use is the same.

Please spend some time on both our YouTube channel and watch the 40-minute webinar. If you are still not sure then using the Futures Membership for a month or two will give you a feel if the coaches, community, concepts and atmosphere is a good fit. 

No. You can use any broker or charting software you want. We teach on Think or Swim and Ninja Trader for 90% of the materials you are going to access. 


That is a directional options course based off a model that trades high-beta stocks. It’s designed for smaller trading accounts and beginner options traders. You can learn more here.

WTI Crude options teaches traders how to use WTI Crude options as a tool to trade market direction. You can see the full lessons/syllabus here. 

The Substack is a blog for SPY/ES trading recaps and education. That is $21/month. 

The Futures Membership provides you access to the chat room, a daily trader worksheet with /ES, /NQ, /CL levels and notes as well as a daily market recap video. 

Yes. You can see Facebook reviews here. 

You can read Google reviews here. 

That depends on your capital, background and commitment. Some clients come into this having spent $40K in education over the years, with careers where they might be making $250K + a year and have a larger account size. 

Some come into this as new traders just learning for the first time. So you need to be realistic to your situation.

To give you an idea most in our community since 2013 are small business owners, retirees or working adults with careers – and most of them do this on the side as a way to create extra income. Becoming a full-time trader takes years of development and a lot of capital so we want to be clear in this idea before anyone signs up: you need to be realistic with your starting capital, this is a business so this idea that most have that they can start with $10,000 and become millionaires is a fantasy that we will take no part in facilitating. 

We suggest you come into this with the idea that you just need to learn and focus on making consistent money over the next 6/9/12 months.