You can use this FAQ page to find out more.

Do you have testimonials I can review?


Yes of course. You can Google us to see our history or use the links below. You are not going to see reviews with “this is how much I made” because it’s a cheesy tactic and usually those folks lose it a week later. We educate our clients for the long-term. If you are interested in student returns you may ask them personally to show you once you are a student.

Do you teach stock day trading?

No. We only teach futures trading which is as close to day trading as it gets. 


I am a beginner where should I start?

You should watch our YouTube first. Then start with these, especially Technical Tactics because you get 1 month free of Landshark Premium.

1. Technical Tactics 

2. Lanshark Premium Membership 

3. S.A.T. Options Course 

What is your typical student?

Our typical students are those who have taken educational seminars/course work before and who have traded in the markets at a casual level. We do not teach beginners at all or those not trading with sufficient capital and we certainly do not teach those who are not ready to be open to learning to do this properly. 

We find that the students that really excel are those that are 35+ and either run/ran a company, are professionals, advisors or those who have some legitimate entreprenurial background. These type of students tend to see the most success and can pick up on things rather quickly. 

How much capital do I need to begin with Landshark?

First, do not think you are going to quit your job to trade the markets. If you come into this with that mindset we cannot help you and we are not the company for you. 

Landshark Futures Training – Minimum $5,000, suggested $15,000

SAT Options Membership – Minimum $5,000 – Maximum $30,000

Advanced Options Private Training – Minimum $50,000 

DeltaOne Membership – Minimum $10,000 with tier 3 options trading capabilities.

What is price action trading?

Price action trading is the use of what are called naked price charts. This means we don’t rely on indicators but price levels, candles, multiple time frame analysis and teaching how to read sentiment on the screen. 

We also rely on teaching market fundamentals so you have situational awareness of how to act.

Do you offer a live trading room?

No. Live trading rooms are a gimmick to sell you courses and usually to waste time talking about nothing. If you are interested in how we trade as a preview, you can access the Futures Guest Pass, that gives you a 2-day trial to see some live market execution and to ask questions. 

The DeltaOne Membership does have a live market screen-share on Monday mornings but the point is not to sit there and watch me trade, it’s to brief you on what the playbook is for the week so you can be an adult and make concious and confident trading decisions.

Do you offer internships?

Yes, since 2016 I have offered internships. You must be enrolled in a finance/economics program from an accredited University. You can email to apply.

How can DeltaOne benefit me?

DeltaOne is a no-bullshit membership for traders who want to actually learn to trade and invest in the markets. It can help you because we are direct, transparent and teach you new things on a weekly basis so you can learn. You’ll also benefit by being around a group of traders who use the same concepts and philosophies that legitimatlely make 5-6 figures a month trading options & futures. This is not for beginners, we do not teach how to place orders, put in stops or what candles are. This membership works best for people who need help putting it all together and who can benefit from being around a mature group of investors who are after one thing: alpha. 

Why is There An Application for Options Mentoring?

We have to screen who comes into this because the lessons are a bit more advanced and we have to make sure you know basics so that you’re not left behind. Also, to apply what we teach in here it’s best to have at least $50,000 in investment capital.