Trader Training Courses & Mentoring

World-class trading education for investors and traders. 

On Demand Webinars

The equivalent of an in-person seminar that discuss specific topics to build your knowledge about financial markets & portfolio management. These are not courses, they are lectures given via past webinars and were recorded.

Escaping the Retail Trading Narrative

The 3 Bucket Portfolio Approach

Short Selling Tactics Presentation

DeltaOne Membership

If you have bad habits such as over-trading, impulsively taking trades, anxiously awaiting news to trade on or are not used to a regimented and repeatable approach then this will help. Spending 90 days in our world, with our tools, and under our guidance will transform your approach to trading.

Foundations of Professional Trading

The FTP is a comprehensive online, on-demand training course that teaches our top-down analysis approach of macro, fundamentals, catalysts and advanced market-timing and price analysis. 

The 6-week Mentorship was absolutely brilliant and intensive but absolutely worth it. There’s no learning experience like this in the market. Dan opened a huge door to look at the markets in a different way for me, and the Delta One community stands out for its continuous idea-sharing and support among members, which is perfect to continue on the right path in this business.

Mentoring for The Exceptional.

Dan Bustamante

Most people know there’s potential to make a lot of money from the markets and that they can do it but sometimes have trouble putting it all together. Part of that, in my view from working with clients, can be attributed to learning from so-called “Professionals” who simply push generic technical analysis and regurgitate the same day-trading narrative talking points.

It’s generic, dated and surface level information that does nothing to advance your performance.  

And that same narrative teaches that there is “one simple strategy” day trading or some “passive” method to make you the returns you want. 

Professionals simply DO NOT use that perspective of one setup, one sector or one time horizon to drive consistent long/short returns in their portfolio. I know because I’ve actually done this at the highest levels for over +15 years and still do it daily.

The approach you will learn is multiple strategies, multiple-asset classes and time horizons that go above intraday trading as needed. That comes from understanding how to generate consistent trade ideas long and short in ANY market environment using a Professional Trading approach.

In our world, that is called Absolute Return Investing.

For example, when I shorted Carvana in 2022 to make over $1M that was not because MACD said so or because we “had a gut feel” – it was the analysis of the business cycle and their balance sheet that allowed us to have the conviction to put that trade on. 

This is the SAME approach that the majority of hedge fund PM’s and Tier 1 Prop traders use, and this is as close as it gets to learning it aside from working in the business on a desk/firm. 

So, performing at an elite level is real, it just takes a mentor who has actually really done it and cares to develop you into the trader you want to become and that’s what I do for my clients. 

Alibaba IPO 2014 at Phoenix office

I know there are hundreds of educators out there all pretending to be Professionals. Anyone can open an account, learn to day trade and then regurgitate information; I’ve been watching it happen for a decade. However, very few have actually managed large sums of money, traded through market cycles and have a verifiable record of creating high-performing traders. 

The most common client I see has taken numerous educational programs and found some success here and there but has never truly tailored strategies to fit their account, goals and temperament. I work directly with you to understand what your strengths, weaknesses and goals are then we take the Professional Top-Down Approach and mold it to fit those exactly. 

We do this through 6-weeks of mentoring that includes video lectures, 1-on-1 meetings (video) and small group training. We’ll build on the framework you learn in The Foundations of Professional Trading and then mold that framework to do what works for you and your goals so that you can create a playbook that is for you.

Joining is a question of whether you want to continue chasing mixed results with no repeatable process or do you want to finally learn to use a multi-strategy approach to driving consistent returns in your portfolio? 

If you listen to me and follow the process, you’ll discover you’re capable of much more than what you previously thought possible. 


Bespoke mentoring & consulting available for clients that are looking for specific training on market-timing, longer-term investing, derivatives training (options & futures) and portfolio management. 


Designed for active trading across long/short equities, equity options, index options and energy trading. We teach an active-trader framework and 15 playbook strategies through hands on mentoring. 

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