Daniel X. Bustamante

Daniel Bustamante is the creator of many trading methods, most notably, Remora Options, a well-followed options trading method that began in 2014. He is known for his ability to break down complex financial items in a manner that is objective, easy to understand and most importantly in a manner that has been proven to increase performance in the financial markets. He has spent over 15 years in the financial markets as a proprietary trader, short-seller and most recently as a portfolio manager.

His teaching and trading techniques are recognized internationally; outside of the US he has taught in Spain, London and Vancouver, Canada, where an office was opened to teach students on a regular basis. Outside of training in the markets, he actively works with re-structurings and turnarounds through portfolio and non-portfolio companies.

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The Beginning 

Dan began his career in 2006 at Charles Schwab as one of the youngest hires in the Company’s history. He wanted to learn about financial markets and this was a perfect fit for a 20-something: learn and get paid to do it.

His entrepreneurial spirit saw opportunity online and his first Company, Printductions.com was created. During that time he spent time still learning about the markets while trying to get internships in the Investment Banking world. 

2008 came and Wall Street suffered one of the largest collapses in history. Hiring all but ceased which made working at a large firm extra difficult during that time.

He began his career trading as a futures prop trader learning price action disciplines. From there he worked on a special-situations and short-selling desk for a family office before becoming a portfolio manager for a long/short hedge fund at the age of 29.

Today he splits his time between Vancouver, BC & Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico. Outside of the financial markets, he stays active running and surfing on the beaches of Puerto Rico.


2006 – Start at Charles Schwab & Co. at age twenty

2007-09 – Creates & sells internet printing Co.

2010 – Proprietary futures trader for prop firm

2011-13 – Trader at family office

2013-14 – PM at long/short hedge fund 

2014 – Began teaching private futures traders

2015 – Landshark Education launches

2016 – Vancouver, BC, Canada office Opens

2017 – Long Short Radio show begins on Money Radio in Scottsdale, Arizona

2019 – Focus on a turnaround of a private company

2020-21 – CEO of Jack Grace & focus on consulting with start-ups and private investors

A Unique Approach

I try to take a unique approach to training in financial markets. To do this, it took me about five years in the education space not only learning how to relay my skills but, learning how others learn better. What I found is that there is not a one size fits all trading method and that it has to be adjusted to each individual. That is what I do here. I do not work with those who feel entitled or those who are not going to put in the work, but expect results; if that is offensive, then this may not be for you.

What I find is that most are obsessed with technical strategy only. There is little to no discussion ever on market fundamentals (not company fundamentals like reading a balance sheet) or psychological factors that matter. In my 7 years of working with traders, the combination of these two items is really what leads to poor performance. 

The approach that I take here will do the following: 

  • Give you a new perspective on how financial markets actually work.
  • Why it’s important to define what you want from the market.
  • How to really treat this like a business and not a weekend hobby.
  • Redefining how you look at fundamentals usually unlocks great insights. 
For those with larger investment accounts the private mentoring is an ideal approach. I work directly with you over a series of 12-months to understand how to formulate an investment approach that is tailored to who you are and your investment requirements. While there is some small group coaching, we do break off into 1-on-1 sessions. The fee for the program may seem excessive, however, the results and value that you will get from it should exceed the fee and more. Please understand that the minimum account requirement is an absolute must as is the application to ensure you are a suitable candidate.