Our full suite of training and education can be found here.


Beginner Futures Course

Enjoy the pre-requisite training for The Landshark Method Main Course with this training. 20+ videos to bring you up to speed with the basics of futures, price action, charts and psychological lessons required to trade successfully.

Cost: $99


Market Structure Mastery

An in-depth training that teaches how to spot key technical inflections and turning points in the futures & commodities markets. This will help traders to map trades out ahead of time, read the market contextually and understand market structure concepts.

Cost: $997


The Landshark Method

The Landshark Method – our signature intraday futures training program since 2013. Designed specifically for developing futures traders you’ll learn through an on-demand course, weekly webinars and private chat room so you can develop the skills needed with guided coaching.

Cost: $1,997


1-on-1 Mentorship

Occasionally there is an opening for 1-on-1 mentorship for DIY traders who are trying to elevate their trading and understanding of futures & commodities markets.

Application Based