Training Products


Beginner Futures Course

Enjoy the pre-requisite training for The Landshark Method Main Course with this training. 20+ videos to bring you up to speed with the basics of futures, price action, charts and psychological lessons required to trade successfully.

Cost: $99


The Landshark Method

The Landshark Method – our signature intraday futures training program since 2013. Designed specifically for developing futures traders you’ll learn through an on-demand course, weekly webinars and private chat room so you can develop the skills needed with guided coaching.

Cost: $1,997


WTI Crude Options Trading

This is a practical training that keeps the learning at an intermediate level so that there is real-world application at the end of this. At the end of the training, you’ll be able to understand the mechanics, terminology, evaluation and actual trading strategy so that you can begin formatting a framework to apply crude oil options trading to your portfolio.

Cost: $299


Small Account Tactics (Options)

The S.A.T. training focuses on equity options trading based on a proven model that focuses on directional trading via momentum concepts. This is an on-demand course and membership community.

Cost: $997