The Mentoring Program is a 12-month program for investors and traders who meet two main criteria:

1. Minimum $100,000 USD trading account.

2. Desire to learn to trade and invest at what we consider a ‘Professional’ level.

This is not for beginners. You must have some experience in investing, been to a trading course/seminar and participated in the market for more than 2+ years. If you are a trader that meets this and are not at the level you want to be at or are struggling with results this might be something to consider, even an initial discovery call.



  • Must have a minimum $100,000 USD trading account.
  • Must have experience or have taken an investment course. 
  • Required 6 months time commitment.
  • A signed NDA is required if accepted.

The process for application: 

  • Fill out the application form
  • Schedule a discovery call
  • Schedule a zoom call to go over the program in depth
  • Sign NDA & begin program

Tailored Mentoring for You


We’ve worked with traders for years who have struggled but know that they’re capable of great results. We know that sometimes it’s slight adjustments or just being around a mentor that has proven results of creating elite traders. 

We are going to help you develop a trading model using our various trading strategies across equities, futures, equity options, and ETFs. We’re going to help you to build your own personal playbook using our strategies, so that, the playbook is fits specifically to you and what you are trying to achieve. 

From the lecture series to the live market shadowing you’re going to experience a level of mentoring that is only found on professional trading desks. 

Month 1& 2

Month 3 & 4

Month 5

Month 6

The mentoring is not over but the active learning starts to slow. The idea here is to have you begin applying the strategies. We will meet via Zoom on a weekly basis to discuss ideas, review errors and make any adjustments as needed. During this time we are working together to make sure that you are progressing in the manner you want.

This is an in depth training, education that discusses trading and investing concepts as a whole. The mentorship is done on a small group, and sometimes, on a one-on-one basis so that we can help to develop your skill set. Also, the Active Trader does not tailor the strategy (ies) to fit you directly so this becomes more of a tailored mentoring program. In addition, we discuss and teach more strategies, specifically, strategies tailored for larger trading accounts.

Yes. You need to have at least 2+ years experience in trading or investing, have taken an educational program and/or attended a class/seminar. This is not for beginners. I will only work directly with clients who have the genuine desire to learn and develop their skills and a past history of attempting to do that is a good sign that this will be a fit.

First, the strategies I am going to be teaching in this mentoring require you to have a larger account. Second, most students that I have worked with privately and who have paid to do this are not after small gains, so, the larger accounts are required. To give you an example the average account size is about $350,000. And finally, I only accept a few people into the mentoring due to time constraints, usually those (but not always) with larger accounts have a more serious approach to making money in business and this helps to filter out applicants.

The Program Fee is $24,500 for the 12 months. There are no additional fees or software costs.

Yes. The mentoring is tailored to you based on what your personal goals are. We suggest scheduling a discovery call to discuss this in-depth as to not have any confusion, but, let’s discuss it here. The program teaches both active and passive investing in the markets. The discussions on strategy gets tailored directly to you. For example: Let’s assume you want to use a long-term view, some of the strategy may spend more time on the use of LEAPs trading and cash secured puts v. Shorter-duration options trading. Further, because the average account size of clients in this program is about $500,000, the ability to buy actual shares is present, which means less trading, if, one wants to go that route.

First, please fill out the application, then you can email – The discovery call is an important part of the process. A discussion on what we teach, how we teach it and expectations is a great place to begin so that both parties can proceed with confidence.

The majority of the mentoring is done 1-on-1. However, some live market training and certain calls will have a maximum of 3 students on. I do this to keep the focus level high and second, not that many people are accepted into this program on a yearly basis due to my personal time commitments.

Daniel Bustamante 

Founder Landshark Captial 

Dan began his career at the age of twenty working with Charles Schwab. He was trained as a proprietary futures trader at the age of 23 in price action trading index futures. From there his career took him to work for a family office as a special situations trader. At the age of 29 he became a portfolio manager for a long/short hedge fund. 

He has a proven record of creating elite traders with a proven record of over five reaching and exceeding the seven-figure (yearly) mark as well as countless in the six-figure (yearly range)

To learn more about the details of the Masterclass please complete the application.