This is the Masterclass for traders & investors seeking personalized mentoring with a level of learning that is unmatched. The Masterclass combines video lessons and private mentoring sessions in a small group (max 3 persons) setting through the span of 6 months. 

During the 6 month program, we will get you to the next level of trading faster and with fewer mistakes so you can learn to trade at what we consider an elite level. This means learning to be able to scale upsize, manage a portfolio correctly, and learning the right tactics for certain market situations. The way we do this is a through the use of a private video course combined with small online group meetings, individual calls and live market training where you watch in real-time and learn. This is the absolute closest thing to being on a proper trading desk without having to spend the time and money on travel.


  • Must have a minimum $100,000 USD trading account.
  • Must have experience or have taken an investment course. 
  • Required 6 months time commitment.
  • A signed NDA is required if accepted.
  • Must complete the initial questionnaire before more information is sent.

The process for application: 

  • Fill out the application form
  • Schedule a discovery call
  • Proof of capital requirement
  • Sign NDA 
  • Begin the training 

Tailored Mentoring for You


We’ve worked with traders for years who have struggled but know that they’re capable of great results. We know that sometimes it’s slight adjustments or just being around a mentor that has proven results of creating elite traders. 

We are going to help you develop a trading model using our various trading strategies across equities, futures, equity options, and ETFs. We’re going to help you to build your own personal playbook using our strategies, so that, the playbook is fits specifically to you and what you are trying to achieve. 

From the lecture series to the live market shadowing you’re going to experience a level of mentoring that is only found on professional trading desks. 

Month 1& 2

Month 3 & 4

Month 5

Month 6

Daniel Bustamante 

Founder Landshark Captial 

Dan began his career at the age of twenty working with Charles Schwab. He was trained as a proprietary futures trader at the age of 23 in price action trading index futures. From there his career took him to work for a family office as a special situations trader. At the age of 29 he became a portfolio manager for a long/short hedge fund. 

He has a proven record of creating elite traders with a proven record of over five reaching and exceeding the seven-figure (yearly) mark as well as countless in the six-figure (yearly range)

To learn more about the details of the Masterclass please complete the application.