Key Points: 

  • Long time Landshark student funded at Apex Trader Funding
  • Made $20,000 trading futures in Aprik
  • Review of Apex Trader Funding

Apex Trader Funding Review 

Trading combines have popped up over the last few years and Apex Trader Funding is one of those combines. Personally, I have never done one of these but futures trading combines seem to be a great way to get capital if 

a) You don’t have the capital

b) Need structure in your trading

I spent some time this morning really looking into them even after Brad made $20,000 at Apex Trader Funding in April. I’ve known him in the Lanshark Trading community for about 4/5 years. He has experience in trading futures so this was a breeze for him to get through. 

Now there are some interesting things with the futures trading combine like the trailing profit/loss rule. From what it seems it bothers a lot of people but I understand why they do it. They are going to give you capital to trade and from my 7 years of teaching futures traders you never know who you’re going to come across. Some traders are complete lunatics with no emotional control and others are scared so I get the view of Apex Trader Funding. 

I know a lot of trading combines have rules but it really comes down to just actually getting through it and sticking to their rules. 

When I watched some of the Apex Trader Funding videos on their site today they seem to have a problem with students that go through the futures combine not listenting. Shocker. I’ve seen this in my years in retail education if I am being honest and I could never imagine having to deal with that myself when people fail to read what it is they are doing. 

Brad is funded and he is getting paid from them, so yes, it is real. Is futures trading a grind? Yea, of course it is but if you’re not being an idiot and trying to take their $300,000 funding to trade 20 contracts and just get through a simple combine then you’ll do fine. The problem I see, and I saw it on their videos as well, is that it seems that people want to get funded ASAP. 

It was good to see (who I think was one of the Apex Trader Funding partners) say that they want a long term relationship. I agree with that. I came from the prop trading industry years ago and traders would come and go and for the firm it’s a pain in the ass to train and fund these guys only for them to leave. It’s the same with these trading combines because a) nobody is interviewing you and for all they know you could be a complete degenerate with impulse control issues. 

Overall, Apex Futures Trading and trading combines are a legit way to go. 

You can learn more about price action trading like Brad did years ago in the Landshark Futures Training Program. 

 Thanks for reading.