The Active Trader Mentoring program will guide you with hands-on mentoring over 6 weeks to add 4 new frameworks and 10 new Playbook strategies through a bespoke mentoring process.

We will work to develop your personal Playbook with the new concepts and then tailor it based on your goals, account and temperament so that you can begin operating at your full potential. 

*The Active Trader Mentoring is application based only.

Mentoring for The Exceptional.

The 6-week mentorship builds on what you learn in the Foundations of Professional Trading and also helps to develop you personally as a trader with 1-on-1 and small group mentoring. We will work on more than just strategy and begin to work on your strong and weak points in your game so that you can begin to unlock your full potential. 

We’re also going to dive into the Top-Down Framework by adding in 4 completely new frameworks for idea generation in addition to 10 new Playbook setups. You’ll get in depth instruction on trade structuring so that you can execute on the ideas with accuracy and maximum efficiency. 


Mentoring & Video Lectures

On Boarding

You will complete an initial on-boarding to go over the program, what to expect, schedule the additional meetings and get you setup with the video lectures and tools. 

Initial 1-on-1 Assesment

A 60–90-minute initial assessment to go over your goals, account and current Playbook. We’ll assess any weak points and discuss strong points then begin to develop a bespoke plan for the upcoming mentoring so that we can begin to tailor your Playbook. 

On Demand Video Lectures

You begin going through the on-demand video lectures. You’ll access the 4 new frameworks and 10 new Playbook setups so that you can get up to speed on these for the hands on training. 


Weekly 1-on-1 Meeting

Once a week for 6-weeks you will have a weekly 1-on-1, 60-minute meeting with Dan to discuss your Playbook and bespoke mentoring. 

Live Training (Online)


Evening Class Lectures

Monday-Wednesday there are evening group classes (max 5 person) to go over the new frameworks and new Playbook setups. We also cover open Q&A, advanced trade structures and nuanced discussions regarding the frameworks. The classes are 90-120 minutes in length.

Live Market Training

Two days a week there is live market training from 9am-10:30am EST so that you can begin connecting theory to actual application in the real market through Zoom. 


Sunday Traders Call

Just like most hedge funds do with their traders & portfolio managers you’ll meet every Sunday with Dan and other participants to pitch your ideas for the week ahead. This will help to formalize your process and give you feedback so you can develop. 

1-on-1 Exit Assessment Meeting

At the end of the 6 weeks you’ll schedule a 1-on-1 call directly with Dan to review your initial intake form as well as to go over your playbook that you developed from the mentoring. 


*The Active Trader Mentorship is application based only and is available to those who have completed Foundations of Professional Trading  and/or who have taken prior market training.


The Mastermind was not at all what I was expecting and it was so much more. This is absolutely necessary if you are taking trading seriously because what I learned in the 4 weeks were things I never considered or even used and it was eye-opening and there is nothing even close to this that I have seen. Dan has the ability to articulate the strategies and frameworks in a way that made me see it all from a new angle. I did many things wrong that I never knew were wrong before, but now with the framework and playbook that is long over.
Dean - Vancouver, BC
Don't even try to trade the markets without doing this, I am serious. I spent four years learning (part of it at Online Trading Academy) and there is nothing that compares to this. Dan's emphasis on process and creating a playbook to fit me personally is what really matters because it's now suited to fit me and what I want to do.
Bryan - San Diego
Dan is an amazing mentor and is no-nonsense when it comes to teaching and getting you to learn so you need to be prepared to work and listen to what he says because he will keep pushing you. This is not a basic training that most expect to take this is an elite, realistic approach to trading and not just stocks but a lot of products and sectors that we learned. I spent a lot of years 'punting around' as Dan says trying to do this but I am glad that I found this and did it because it has been honestly life-changing.
Fernando, Miami
Like many of the mentees I spent years reading books, taking courses and had decent results but this was absolutely next level. The training gave me the ability to finally use an approach to develop my own trade ideas before the week starts and has taught me how to analyze things from a perspective I never once learned about. The ability to look at any sector, especially energy now and trade crude oil options is incredible because I can come into any trading week and have a plan to trade almost anything. Do not waste a second longer and get into this mastermind.
Chris, London

*The Active Trader Mentorship was called “Mastermind” prior to 2024. Testimonials are not compensated and from real and current traders.