The Company

Who We Are

Landshark Capital is a group of traders that trade firm and proprietary capital remotely. Combined, we have over 20 +, legitimate, years of experience in capital markets. 

We focus on equities, equity options, futures, LEAPs and some futures options. You can look below for yourself to see what works for you or contact us for help to see what might be best.




Daniel X. Bustamante, Founder

Daniel began his career during college at the age of twenty as one of the youngest hires at Charles Schwab. He began his career professionally as a proprietary futures trader focusing on index futures and WTI crude oil. From there he was recruited to work at a family office in Los Angeles, where he focused on short-selling equities and special situations trading. At the age of twenty-nine he became a portfolio manager at a long-short hedge fund. 

He began teaching in 2013 and officially left institutional finance in 2014 to create his first training firm which had offices in Canada and Scottsdale, Arizona. His focus was on teaching retail traders to keep things simple, focus on a few things and use the idea of price action and market awareness to find success. He has appeared on Money Radio, Benzinga, Yahoo Finance and has been a guest speaker at numerous trading & investing conferences. 

Outside of trading he likes to spend his time surfing, boxing and working on turnarounds with main street companies. 


Head of Futures

Chris Duhanci began his trading journey while in college. After graduating in 2008, he went into the retail industry where he owned and operated a new store location for his family business. He kept in touch with markets in the meantime, and a few years in began noticing the deterioration of the traditional brick and mortar retail presence. He realized he needed to make a change and decided to go down the trading path, with the goal of transitioning out and becoming a full-time trader. This journey wasn’t simple, and it didn’t form overnight – however, he was committed to the process and through education, screen-time and self-development he was ultimately able to get himself to that goal. Since then, he’s worked in the education space and as a proprietary trader. 

His approach is simple, and primarily focused on price action – with an emphasis on the mindset that’s required to execute and overcome hurdles that may show up on our way to success. He believes that each of us are capable of achieving what we aim for, as long as we hold onto that vision – and use obstacles in our way as learning experiences to move us closer. 

Outside of trading, Chris enjoys researching new tech developments, working out, hiking and spending time with family and friends.