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Our mission is simple: To help our customers make more money in  the stock market and we’ve done that since 2013 with premium education, tools and training globally. 

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” concept to learning or for investing goals. So we’ve spent years developing platforms and resources for our customers so they can learn what they want, when they want.

A Message from Our Founder

Landshark first started in 2013 as a private group of Skype traders while I was working as a portfolio manager at a long/short hedge fund. In 2015 I left the fund to grow the company and in 2018 it sold and I got into investing in private companies and turnarounds. In 2020 it was brought back after consulting to an education group which I later left.

I’ve trained traders from all around the world using fundamental analysis, context and price action so that they can trade pretty much anything they want. 

From futures, to options, value-investing, swing-trading and more there is something for everyone so I encourage you to find your path with the great tools and products the team we have offers.

RealPropTrading.com is for beginners building a foundation and you’ll find great education at affordable prices from real investors. 

The LongVol has tools for research and portfolio management as well as training for those with more experience or larger investment portfolios.

The Landshark of Today

Whether you want to trade, invest or want research tools, we have a product for you.

For over 10 years, Landshark has helped thousands of people along the path of financial freedom with our intuitive products, comprehensive educational resources and unmatched market analysis.

The Landshark Story

Landshark Capital has transformed over the years from a simple website to a fintech innovator. Today we offer a robust portfolio of interactive educational and research platforms, including RealPropTrading.com®, AST Swing Alerts® and The LongVolReport®.

2013 – The First Student 

Landshark Analytics begins while Dan is working as a Portfolio Manager at a L/S fund in Scottsdale, Arizona. His first student Ray/Welly is introduced to him through mutual friends and he begins chatting with him. He shows him many ways to fix his trading then Welly tells a group he is in within a forum about it and they begin coming to learn. 

2014 – First Education Created

Not knowing how to teach or even where to begin Dan took feedback from the small group (which were using Skype to all communicate then). He created 15 videos and a 50+ page manual that you see to the right. The manual was printed and shipped across the US, Europe and even Australia to students. There was something there and the first course, “Bullshark Futures Trading” was created. 

2016 – The Official Start of Landshark 

The Wall Street corporate era was over. In 2016 the first office in Scottsdale was opened with 250 sq. ft and then later that year Vancouver, BC. This same year the first options course was created – the same one that you see today, S.A.T. Options – Small Account Tactics.

2016 – Funding Traders 

Dan begins funding select traders from the group to trade his money through power of attorney using the original futures strategies that were taught. It’s a success and the traders begin profiting +$10,000 on average each month. 

2017 – Money Radio Show

The Long Short Show on Money Radio in Scottsdale, Arizona begins. Each week a show about the markets and investing using futures & options. 

2021 – The New Era

After selling the original company in 2018, taking a few years off the company was brought back. After a year of consulting in 2020 to the old company Dan left and many students followed. Many of the original traders from 2014 were still around and began to help those who followed and a private group began again for everyone old and new.

2021 – The LongVol Report®

Originally started as a private community for ex-Wall Street analysts, traders and portfolio managers to connect it expanded into The LongVol Report and AST Swing Alerts tools for investors. 

2023 – RealPropTrading.com

The rise of prop-trading brought a new era of traders, especially newer, inexperienced ones looking to begin. In the Summer of 2023 we decided to create RPT for beginners and those with small investment accounts as a place to build a basic foundation and the sister-company was born.

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