Creating elite traders since 2013

Landshark Capital was formed in 2013. The company began as a live futures-trading room teaching price-action trading to retail futures traders and grew into a full-scale education firm. In 2016, Landshark expanded from the Scottsdale, Arizona office to Vancouver, BC. The original company was acquired and in 2021 Landshark Capital returned.

We are not marketers or people
who just learned to trade a year ago

Our educational material was created by a former Proprietary Wall Street futures trader & portfolio manager. This means you’re learning tactics and insights that only were taught at major banks and proprietary trading firms within our educational materials.

Ready to learn? We’re ready to teach YOU!

We believe that trading can be done by anyone as long as they can
learn to listen, control their emotions and put in the time required to
master this craft.

Our Webinar

Please begin by watching a 45-minute webinar to learn about The Landshark Method.

Our Team


Bryan or AgileGnome as known in the community began in 2015 as one of the original Landshark Capital students. Tired of strategies that didn’t work for him he found Landshark and it’s been history since. His full-time career is in Agile coaching for Fortune 500 companies so helping people reach their peak performance is something that he does on a daily basis.

M. Knight
Junior Trader

Mike, or MKnight9 as known in the community is a junior trader for the Company. He had a background in finance as an execution trader for a larger firm so progressing into trading futures for himself was something that came naturally. He is a moderator in the chat and leads The Trader Report Card series on YouTube.


Dan is the creator of The Landshark Method and other training courses here at Landshark Capital. A former proprietary trader and portfolio manager he found a knack in teaching the everyday person to understand the markets in a simple, direct way that has proven successful for over 10+ years.