Teaching beginner traders since 2013

Landshark Capital was formed in 2013. The company began as a live futures-trading room teaching price-action trading to retail futures traders and grew into a full-scale education firm. In 2016, Landshark expanded from the Scottsdale, Arizona office to Vancouver, BC. The original company was acquired and in 2021 Landshark Capital returned. 

We work exclusively with beginning and developing traders.

Our Belief is Simple: Start Small & Learn.

We focus on beginners and developing traders at Landshark and always have. We believe that you can start with a small account and trade small as you develop. All of our training is fitted around this mindset so there is nothing too advanced or that doesn’t fit this goal of starting small and learning.

Ready to learn? Find the right course for YOU!

We teach traders our futures & options trading models in two courses. Both are designed to trade small and teach you how to grow slowly and develop skills before taking it to the next level.

Our Webinar

Please begin by watching a 45-minute webinar to learn about The Landshark Method.

Our Team

Senior Trader

Samson has been around Landshark since the original days. He is an active in the military and is one of the leading senior traders in the community. You see his content on the YouTube channel with some really good breakdowns and larger P&Ls as he’s known for.

Senior Trader

Mike, or YungJimmy as known in the community is a junior trader for the Company. He had a background in finance as an execution trader for a larger firm so progressing into trading futures for himself was something that came naturally. He is a moderator in the chat and leads The Trader Report Card series on YouTube.

Betty Jean
Admin/Student Support

Betty has been a student of Landshark and helps with on-boarding students and admin for the company. She is an aspiring trader herself studying under the Senior Traders learning futures and options. She lives full-time in Auston, Texas.

History & Class Photos

Landshark Method Creator/Original Founder

Dan was the founder of Landshark in 2013 and the creator of The Landshark Method and the SAT Options model. He mentored the Senior Traders for years and still occasionally hosts guest lectures for new students.

Student Reviews & Testimonials

Some reviews from our 10+ years in teaching people globally to trade futures & options. Click to expand and read.